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      About PowerTECH

      Company news

      PowerTECH successfully exhibited in SEMICON CHINA 2021

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          Semicon China 2021 was successfully held at Shanghai New lnternational Exhibition Center.

          The company presented the latest products of semiconductor IC test systems,discrete device test systems and laser marking systens,inclusive of mixed signal IC test system QT-8100、QT-8200;discrete device test system SIC IGBT switch test system IGBT module test,gallium nitride dynamic RDON test etc.;fully automatic IC marking & detection system and other advanced equipment.

      1000A 6KV Test module

      QT-8100HP High power analog IC test system


      Do more for semicon China

      Add:No.16 Guangming Ave.,New Light Source
      Industrial Base,Nanhai National High-tech Zone,
      Foshan,Guangdong, China
      Tel:+86 757 83214396
      +86 757 82803659/81992331(service)

      PowerTECH Worldwide

      We have developed a close and persistent relationship with our customers, with the increasing of global automation, we will do our utmost to accurately satisfy our customer’s needs and improve the diversity of our products and applications. We will work tirelessly on pursuing stable and reliable product quality, in order to meet our customer’s needs.

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