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      About PowerTECH

      About PowerTECH

      PowerTECH combines the benefits of an experienced semiconductor package and test equipment manufacturer with application-specific professional competence. Customer applications and lab studies can be carried out with the assistance of PowerTECH's experienced engineers. The strong Self-R&D competence had made PowerTECH the only Chinese provider standing at the industry front for laser marking, vision inspecting and semiconductor testing. People at PowerTECH always regard innovation as motive and mission of the enterprise and showed their can-do attitude during the communication, service and connecting with the customers.
      PowerTECH industrial Co., Ltd established in December 1998. We remains dedicated to development, manufacturing and marketing semiconductor post packaged test equipment. PowerTECH has been a well- known supplier for semiconductor device/IC test system/Laser marking system in domestic. We mainly have three series products including “QuickTest™” semiconductor discrete device/ IC test system; “QuickMark™” industrial laser marking system; “QuickView™” vision inspection system. Our product performance of these three series has reached the international advanced levels in similar products. PowerTECH is the sole manufacturer that is able to provide these three series equipment at the same time in domestic semiconductor post packaged field.

      Combining the industries cutting-edge technologies with the innovative thinking, PowerTECH is always pursuing technical innovation for products. We set up several professional research and development departments such as technical modern testing technology basic laboratory, R&D center, product application service team to meet the needs of different customer demands at multiple levels. R&D personnel accounts for 40% of the company, personnel with master degree above accounts for 15% of the company, professional technicians accounts for over than 60% of the company.

      PowerTECH has been identified as the National high-tech enterprises, Guangdong Software enterprises, municipal technology R&D center and also gain support from the national Ministry of science and technology innovation fund. Our R&D team undertakes more than 20 national and provincial projects in recent years. Now we have gained 1 invention patent, 12 utility model patents, and 5 software copyrights.

      PowerTECH new factory was fully completed and put into use in March 2014, the new factory locates in Guangdong New lighting source base and covers an area of 20 mu (around 13333.4 square meters), and indoor construction area is around 20,000 square meters which highly improves the production capacity and quality assurance capacity. We have a stable group of customers in domestic and overseas market. We are always dedicated to provide professional, superior and of high performance semiconductor equipment and complete solutions to customers. 

      “Innovation is based on excellence” this is the foundation of our motivation. PowerTECH always innovates in technology, performs lean manufacturing in production and dedicated to serve customer wholeheartedly.




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      Add:No.16 Guangming Ave.,New Light Source
      Industrial Base,Nanhai National High-tech Zone,
      Foshan,Guangdong, China
      Tel:+86 757 83214396
      +86 757 82803659/81992331(service)

      PowerTECH Worldwide

      We have developed a close and persistent relationship with our customers, with the increasing of global automation, we will do our utmost to accurately satisfy our customer’s needs and improve the diversity of our products and applications. We will work tirelessly on pursuing stable and reliable product quality, in order to meet our customer’s needs.

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