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          We are customer-oriented, respond quickly, and constantly develop new products according to customer needs, and provide customers with cost-effective semiconductor testing and marking solutions and products worldwide. We have established sales and services center in East China, Southwest China, South China and also in Malaysia established sales and service centers for oversea regions.

          POWERTECH provides pre-sales and after sales service include "QuickTest" semiconductor discrete device test system/integrated circuit test system, "QuickMark" industrial laser printing equipment, "QuickView" machine vision inspection system, software system and original accessories. 

      1. Fully meet the needs of customers and customize equipment maintenance contracts on demand. Help industry customers reduce equipment application costs and increase productivity.

      2. Original accessories: Provide the inflation and warranty terms of original laser accessories.

      3. Customer training: Provide training on the actual operation of the equipment at the customer's factory site or in the POWERTECH company.

      4. After-sales service: The field service technical support team handles inquiries and troubleshooting for customers 24 hours a day to ensure production non stop for customers. According to the actual needs of customers, we can sign customized service contracts with customers to provide them with more efficient after-sales service.

      5. Provide technical upgrades and updates of the software operating system.

      6. For IC test machines, we have established a strong development service team to provide customers with test program/application board development services and cross-platform test program/application board conversion services.

      Contact information of after-sale technical support center:

      Contact: Chen Guihua 13929903877

      (China) Tel: +86 757 82803659/81992331 (after-sales service)

      Fax: +86 757 8280 3657 (after-sales service)

      Email: service@powertechsemi.com


      Do more for semicon China

      Add:No.16 Guangming Ave.,New Light Source
      Industrial Base,Nanhai National High-tech Zone,
      Foshan,Guangdong, China
      Tel:+86 757 83214396
      +86 757 82803659/81992331(service)

      PowerTECH Worldwide

      We have developed a close and persistent relationship with our customers, with the increasing of global automation, we will do our utmost to accurately satisfy our customer’s needs and improve the diversity of our products and applications. We will work tirelessly on pursuing stable and reliable product quality, in order to meet our customer’s needs.

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