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      QT-9000 Series
      QT-9000 Series Large Scale IC Test System(Direct Mount)QT-9000
      QT-8000 Series
      QT-8000 Series Mixed-Signal TC Test System(Cable Mount) QT-8100
      QT-8000 Series Mixed Signal IC Test System(Direct Mount)QT-8200
      QT-8000 Series High Power Mixed Signal IC Test System(Cable Mount)QT-8100HP
      QT-7000 Series
      QT-7000 Series IC Test System(Cable Mount)QT-7200
      QT-6000 Series
      Discrete Device Test System QT-6000
      QT-4000 Series
      Discrete Device Test System QT-4100
      General Test System TB-14
      QT-3000 Series
      QT-3109 DR
      QT-3108 SW
      QT-3104 QG
      QT-3105 TRR:
      EAS Tester QT-3101
      Thermoresistance Tester QT-3102
      MOSFET RG/CG Test System QT-3107

      Test System

      QT-4000 SeriesDiscrete Device Test System QT-4100

      Discrete Device Test System QT-4100

      QT-4100 discrete device test system suitable for triode diode Zener diode MOS-FET (IGBT SIC gallium nitride) J-FET Current Sense FET LDO (78XX 79XX TL431 TL432 conventional test) Optocouplers and other products and wafers. Expansion: SCR test SCANBOX Dual Gate-FET Q Plus transistor switching time (TST TR TF TON) thermal resistance test (DVDS DVCE DVBE DVF) etc.


      • Wide test coverage, test circuit support voltage-limiting and current-limiting state, which able to protect the DUT effectively.

      • Foolproof measurement: Voltage & current automatic self-check, automatic alarm triggered and halt if any abnormality detected.
      • LOW RDON。
      • Quick Self-test: No external load is required, able to complete in 2 minutes
      • 3rd party calibration: Apply industry standard Keysight 34401A for calibration
      • Built-in Oscilloscope function.
      • Support multiple test station data merging.

      Major Technical Parameters


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