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      CO2 Series Laser Marking System
      10W/30W Integrated Laser Marking System
      10W/30W Laser Marking Strip Marking
      Gravity tube to tube laser marking System
      Fiber Laser Marking System
      5W/10W/20W Continous Fiber Laser Marking System
      10W/20W/30W Pulse Fiber Laser Marking System
      Fiber Laser Marking system Video positioning marking system
      Fiber series Automated IC Laser Marking & Inspection System QH-APV5090
      QuickMark Laser Markeing-Dual Heads
      Green Laser Series Marking System
      10W/15W Green Laser Marking System
      3-Axis Dynamic Laser Marking System
      CO2 3-Axis Dynamic Laser Marking System
      Automatic IC lead frame marking system QH-APV100LF
      Automatic IC lead frame marking system QH-APV100LF
      Automatic IC lead frame marking system QH-APV100SL
      Automatic IC lead frame marking system QH-APV100SL

      Laser Mark

      3-Axis Dynamic Laser Marking SystemCO2 3-Axis Dynamic Laser Marking System

      CO2 3-Axis Dynamic Laser Marking System

      belongs to mechanical and electronic integration system creative of technology and design make laser marking system become high speed stable and accuracy which can perform marking in large range and in high speed. This laser marking system can apply to PCB industry eyeglasses industry leather products industry clothing industry craft industry wood processing industry package industry etc.

        product superiority 
      ·can perform marking in wide range: marking range can reach to 1250mmX1250mm.
      ·High speed: max speed up to 7000mm/s which is greatly fit for mass industrialized production.
      ·Good stability: fully closed cycle optical path. Import CO2 RF laser, multi-protection and control design which greatly ensure the stability of the complete equipment.
      ·Easy operation: exclusive software which is compatible with AutoCAD and CorelDRAW etc., and can achieve auto typeset and revise of letter symbol, graphic and images, barcode, 2D code ,sequence number auto increasing ect, support PLT file format.
       Main parameter

      Laser central wavelength   10640nm
      max power   200W
      Max marking range(mm)   1250X1250 (relate to laser power)
      dynamic lens set way   3片式組合
      Repeated accuracy   20urad
      Laser accumulating way   Z axis lens gather in dynamic way
      Application  Range   leather, rubber, board, bamboo products, organic glass,       ceramic, plastic, marble,  jad ,ecrystal,  cloth


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